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Implants vs Bridges
Brookfield, IL

An example of a dental bridge with implants at Brookfield Oral Surgery in Brookfield, ILWhen a patient is missing multiple teeth, we may advise that they consider a dental bridge secured with implants.This is sometimes referred to as a fixed bridge, meaning it is a non-removable device that we use to restore missing teeth.

Using implants to secure your bridge is the best option when there are insufficient teeth to anchor a device in place. We invite you to learn more about how a dental implant can help restore your oral health and improve your supporting bone. Our staff at Brookfield Oral Surgery can help you have a functional, beautiful smile.

A dental bridge is a prosthodontic device that we use to restore missing teeth. A traditional bridge is designed with two crowns on either end and false teeth between. The crowns are placed over healthy teeth to support the false tooth. Today, we can also use a dental implant to serve as one or both supports to anchor the bridge. A dental implant is a surgically implanted post that we set directly into the jawbone. Once healed, it will be a solid post in your mouth.

A fixed bridge using implants is a great option for several reasons, but one huge reason is that they provide an anchor when an anchor is not present. Additionally, we can use the implants instead of altering an otherwise healthy tooth to fit the crown.

What are Fixed Bridges?

We utilize fixed implant supported dental bridges to restore and rebuild missing teeth. This restoration helps preserve the jawbone from deterioration and does not impact neighboring teeth. We recommend a fixed bridge because it can help maintain the shape and robustness of your smile while preventing future dental complications.

What are the Benefits of Fixed Bridges?

We value the advancement in dental implants and the benefits they provide. The benefits include:
•  Permanent Solution: Missing teeth and removable devices can be frustrating, and bad for your jawbone and oral health. An implant retained dental bridge provides your jaw the stimulation it needs to be healthy and retains your bite. Restorations with implants allow for a non-removable or permanent option in retaining your teeth.
•  Look and Feel More Natural: Loose fitting partial and full dentures may provide some minimal help, but they will always feel clumsy and awkward. An implant retained bridge will look and feel much more like your natural teeth. You will be able to chew your regular diet following a period of healing, and never worry about the device coming loose in public.
•  Jawbone Health: Partial and full dentures do not take your jawbone health into consideration. Your jawbone requires the stimulation of movement to keep it healthy. When the connection between the tooth and jaw is lost, deterioration of the bone sets in. Having your bridge secured using dental implants reestablishes points of contact with the jawbone and transfers that energy of motion to the bone keeping it healthy and robust.
•  Improved Look: With added strength to your jawbone, and structure for your face, a fixed bridge will help you appear younger and improve your facial appearance.

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